With over 28 years as pioneers in the luxury design and furnishings business, Jaureguy's Design & Construction boasts a quality driven team of licensed general contractors, interior designers, installers, and painters, who deliver exceptional results for each and every project.

CSL# 920776



Jaureguy's Design & Construction has brightened and vastly improved the quality of life for families ranging throughout Central California and across the West Coast. From Palm Springs to Napa, Los Angeles to Oregon, Jaureguy's is sure to bring top of the line luxury to your home. 


Jaureguy's has extensive experience designing interiors for restaurants and offices. We have been entrusted with building and designing high end commercial spaces, and always exceed the  wishes of even the most detail oriented business owners!


A go-to designer for a luxury high end residence club, Jaureguy's has continually ensured that their work is of the highest caliber, sure to please the most demanding clientele. Jaureguy's has raised the bar for luxury, and created a standard other designers would only hope to reach.

A gorgeous country home gets a phenomenal renovation.


Attention to detail is one of Jaureguy's finest skills, and it is undeniable when glimpsing every inch of this gorgeous California getaway. 



A beautiful Hilmar property receives a much needed redesign.


From top to bottom, Jaureguy's has once again bestowed a much needed transformation to this elegant kitchen.


An historical California home gets a complete luxury overhaul.


From top to bottom, from landscaping to every minute detail, Jaureguy's Design & Construction completely renovated every inch of this home. By designing everything from the floor plan, unique kitchen layout, fixtures, woodwork and trim detail, to the furniture and accessories, Jaureguy's has proven their prowess in a luxurious home that is nothing short of remarkable. 



Full design and build for a beautiful custom home build. 


From laying the foundation to designing every inch of this incredible high end home and shop building, Jaureguy's has recently completed the project. 



A new living room receives luxury design treatment.


Another supremely impressive feat by Jaureguy's Design & Construction team. This new living room  received the complete Jaureguy luxury design and outfitting . This gorgeous sectional sofa and arm chair is sure to make even the most particular guests feel cozy and warm.