Process Makes Perfect

 We believe in transparency and ensuring you won’t have any surprise costs come up. We’re proud of our detailed step-by-step processes for our quality services and can’t wait to bring you along for the ride when it’s time for your next project.

Residential Construction Process

1. Consultation

  • Give us a call or walk right in. This preliminary meeting allows us to better understand your lifestyle needs, vision, budget, and the project you are hoping to complete. This is also the opportunity for our clients to ensure that we can successfully accomplish their goals.

2. Proposal Meeting

  • Based on the consultation, we will present to you the best options to accomplish your goals with a floor plan and preliminary design to solidify that we’re on the same page.

3. Proposal Approval

  • With your approval, we will draft the contract and review the terms, providing clear transparency about how the project will be completed and paid for. At this time, we will also introduce you to our project manager.

4. Design Meeting

  • Our Interior Design & Decorating Team will work with you to adapt your vision to the actual design plan. During this meeting, they will get to know your lifestyle and preferences. See below for the Interior Design Process.

5. Interior Selections

  • Based on your input, detailed selections will be made for all design elements and finishes. This will be the “blueprint” for our installers and finishers, technically known as a plan set.

6. Deliver Project Schedule

  • Based on the elements and construction materials selected, the timeline will be finalized and we are ready for construction!

7. Construction

  • Demolition will begin, if necessary, and the project will be underway. We then keep our clients updated in regards to timelines and any requested change orders along the way.

8. Project Completion

  • Once the project is completed, we will present the finished work to our client. We wrap up by capturing post-project photos and present warranties, instructions, and final invoices along with your closing packet.

Interior Design Process

1. Consultation

  • Call or come into our showroom to sit down with our Interior Design & Decorating Team. We’ll talk about the goals for your home, discuss your budget, and schedule an in-home visit to walk-through and understand your space.

2. Space Planning

  • This is probably the most important step and we take it very seriously. It’s crucial to have exact measurements of your rooms to guide selections according to the scale of your home. We may even suggest removing a wall if it will improve the spacing or layout.

3. Lifestyle/Family

  • Let’s grab coffee! In order for us to create a space that is functional and efficient for you, we take the time to understand your lifestyle and the family you live with.

4. Style

  • Is your style traditional or more contemporary? At this point, we’ll discuss what style you are comfortable with and create a design reflecting your lifestyle rather than imposing the designer’s “signature look”.

5. Start of the Selections

  • Our Interior Design & Decorating Team will present selections for your approval. We’ll draw these selections based on the conversation we had in Step 4 and ultimately coordinate with the design of your home.

6. Present Floor Plan

  • Once selections have been approved, we present the floor plans and design for each room, reviewing all of the pieces for each of the spaces.

7. Decorating

  • At the end, we bring all of the elements together – in other words, we put the jewelry on the outfit! We bring in coordinating lamps, mirrors, and everything else that makes a room shine.